Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Why no new posts???

Well lets just say it has been an interesting couple of weeks, but not in the way we expected. First and foremost, the girls are doing really great! They are all breathing well, eating well, and passed their hearing tests. And this is the most important news I have to report. Today they are back to their approximate birth weights. So they are just about ready to come home, they just need to eat a little more consistently. Here is the problem....they can't.

On the Monday after the babies were born, Jeremy spiked a really high fever and it did not go away for 5 days. We think he picked it up in the hospital. Then Austin caught it, then I caught it. So we have all been struggling with a really nasty flu. I mean nasty swine-ish flu. So the hospital will not release them until we are symptom free for 48 hours. And I think that is a great idea, although I really miss them because I have not seen them in a week, but I STILL have fever. And poor Jeremy has not seen them since I was discharged from the hospital on July 4th. He only got to hold Sophie. Trust me if there is a pandemic, the Hertz family will be involved. We are looking forward to feeling better and bringing our girls home.

I want to say thank you to my mom and Jeremy's mom for braving our extremely virulent home to do everything for us! Feeding us, grocery shopping, and driving an hour away everyday to drop off breast milk at the hospital. And thank you to Christy and Kirsten for bringing over meals this week, we would starve without you people! And I would like to apologize for literally not returning phone calls for the last month. My excuses in chronological order are 1) side effects from debilitating labor preventing drugs, 2) post c section while trying to care for Jeremy and Austin with the flu, 3) catching the flu myself. Thanks for understanding. :)

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